Scenic drive-up hot spots!

A variety of factors can make it hard to get around and sometimes we all just need an easy going day. Whether it’s an accessibility issue, medical complications, or even the weather sometimes you just need to get out and enjoy the scenery but in a different way!

Some of our favorite memories are driving around the Cape and enjoying the views from the behind the windshield in the comfort of our car with our favorite music (TSWIFT anyone?!)

Here is a list of our top spots for views from the car in no specific order because they all are that great!

  • Chatham Lighthouse: 30 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633

    Sitting beneath the horizon of Chatham Light this boasts some of the best views of the largest beach in town. Bring binoculars you may even spot seals and fishing boats! Plus the strong currents and tides as well as the trek down steep stairs makes this one more attractive from above.


  • Fort Hill, Eastham:

    Driving to the top of the hill take your time to indulge in the wildflower filled fields and views of the marsh. Prime handicap parking leads to scenic panoramic views of the National Seashore beautiful from the seat of your car. Check out our blog post which features this destination in full as it is one of our VERY favorites.
  • Gray’s Boardwalk: 400 Center St, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

    Do you want to enjoy a stellar sunset but leaving the car is difficult? Look no more! Gray’s Beach has multiple parking spots right at the edge of the water over looking the vast swamp and beach area as well as the long boardwalk.


Stay tuned as this is an ongoing list compiling our favorite discoveries 🙂

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