That’s how we roll; with Spaulding

Having just found Spaulding Adaptive Sports at the end of last summer we were eager to get out there and try more of the activities they have to offer! Located at the new McGraw Center for Adaptive Sports, a partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, we were pumped to try out the adaptive cycling. The McGraw Center is located right off of the Cape Cod Rail Trail, in Nickerson State Park (Brewster, MA) providing access to some of the best biking on Cape.


There is a variety of different bikes and adaptations to meet individual needs. The staff are all trained adaptive sports professionals and some are Spaulding therapists as well which makes for an environment where you can really feel comfortable and in good hands to try a new sport or get back into one you used to love! As it turned out I (Meghan) showed up to our cycling session with a knee injury so I got to try out the adaptive equipment as well. It was great to get back out there and have a low impact way to enjoy the sport. I utilized a recumbent, which was a bike with two wheels in the back and one in the front, in a more reclined position to keep the pressure off my knee. Caroline was also in a recumbent but with her pedals stationary and stabilizers on her legs to prevent uncomfortable inversion or outversion of her legs.  She was in tandem with an instructor pedaling from behind. We also had a great staff member riding along side us to guide us through the biking traffic, though there was not much! However there was a great deal of equipment and bikes to fit the needs of all abilities. So if you are thinking of going we’re sure there is something that will suit you! Just let staff know of your abilities and challenges are they will be sure to accommodate you.

Spaulding Adaptive Sports again proved to us that the staff and program are ability focused and professional while still making a personal connection. The nature of the staff members is one of being in tune with each participants needs and most importantly treating each person with dignity and respect. There wasn’t a moment where they didn’t explain what would happen next or check in with each of us before adjusting our equipment or bodies- which to me is super important when working with individuals who have a disability.  Stefan and Gaby were great staff members who accompanied us on our ride! They were attentive and patient with each of our needs. You could tell that this type of work comes naturally to them. We are looking forward to coming back for sure!

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