Red Maple Swamp Trail

Just when we thought Fort Hill captured the beauty of the National Seashore we found another hidden gem right up the road. Though there is a great trail, about 1.5 miles long, connecting Fort Hill to the Red Maple Swamp Trail for individuals who are able to travel on a bit of uneven terrain by foot.

Since we rely on wheels we use the access point at Hemenway Landing which is just north of Fort Hill on Route 6 Eastham. The view from the parking lot, a wide open scape, of Nauset Marsh is worthy enough if you aren’t feeling up for a stroll through the woods. The parking spots line right up to the edge of the shore which glows with the contrast of dunes and ocean.

It also seems to the be a popular launching spot for kayaks and smaller watercrafts which results in a bonus for wheelchair users who want to be right on (or in!) the water.

Now for the actual trail! When facing with your back to the water the trail starts at the beginning of the parking lot on the left hand side. Red Maple Swamp Trail is a newly renovated all access trail.

This sturdy boardwalk meanders through the Red Maple Swamp allowing yourself to be completed immersed deep in the woods. There is opportunity to run into different wildlife such as birds, frogs, and other critters. Though don’t forget the repellent if you are sensitive to mosquitos!

Word has it that it’s best during the foliage in the fall. Round trip the distance is just under a mile. We loved how peaceful and serene it was being in the quiet of nature. It’s also cool how the landscape seems so different yet the ocean is right behind it!

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